Relaxation and Wellness Centre

Your place to relax in Paris

Unwind after a day in bustling Paris at the Terrass’’ Hotel’s relaxation and wellness centre, in Montmartre, with a library, fitness facilities and a sauna with massage treatments. 

Sauna and massages

Come and enjoy our wellness centre at the heart of Montmartre, due to open soon. Our spa will offer a range of therapies and massages. There will also be a sauna available for total relaxation


Once through the lobby, why not come and snuggle into a comfortable armchair to enjoy one or more of our extensive range of books. We have chosen books on Montmartre to unlock the secrets of the quarter; books on Paris so you can learn almost as much about the city as our 'ambassadors' as well as some more classic books to suit all tastes! We change our selection every two months!


We all have a child soul and as at the Terrass'' Hotel we would like to preserve it, let's meet in our Playzone, located next to our library. There is a carom pool for long games punctuated by the sound of ball. Enjoy as well an arcade game to escape for a time! A true moment of relaxation in the heart of Paris.

Sports and leisure

The more sporty amongst you will definitely appreciate our fitness facilities for cardio and muscle workouts. Our fitness facilities at the Terrass'' Hotel, on the second and fifth floors, have an exercise bike and a treadmill. Open every day of the week, they provide the perfect solution if you do not want to go running in Montmartre.

Coffee Break

You can also sit our lobby and taste from our sofas our coffee while waiting for your room or for your taxi. A coffee made in Montmartre with a unique selection of Café Lomi to exclusively enjoy at the Terrass'' Hotel. For your breakfast (coffee filter) or in espresso during the day, enjoy an experience in cup with coffee beans selected in beautiful plantations of South America, Asia and Africa and roasted in Montmartre.

  • 12 April 2017

    Où sont les femmes ?

    The exhibition dedicated to women, by the Studio Harcourt.

    Until the 30th of September 2017. Don't miss it!

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  • 13 January 2017

    Valentine's Day Diner

    February, the 14th. We all know what this date means. We all would like to spend a dream night for Valentine's Day. One of these dates like in the romantic movies. But what to do?

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  • It's fall and that says autumn, said renewal of exhibitions and cultural season in the French capital! The Terrass' Hotel offers a selection of exhibitions in Paris to visit in November.

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  • Here we go again, a new year begins. But if we are not ready to say no to the impending end of the holidays? The Terrass' Hotel Montmartre, gives you it list of five activities to extend the summer!

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  • Want to end the summer on a musical note? The Terrass' Hotel recommends to all lovers of rock music, the festival "Rock En Seine".

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