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22 December 2015

“Fils de Butte” – (Son of a Butte)

Have you ever heard of the “Fils de Butte” ? No, it's not an insult. Rather a shout of love. For those of you who are fond of Montmartre and who want to claim it loudly to the whole world, the Terrass’' Hotel has found the perfect shop for you! Follow us to discover the fashion address of the week.

A stylish start-up, that's how we could sum up the Fils de Butte. A son of what? We already imagine all the frowns, or even a few shocked gasps. So let the creators answer the famous question, "But what is a Fils de Butte? "

Person living, having lived or simply stayed a few days in the North of Paris, and whose only landmark is the Butte of Montmartre.

Ex: I go to A., he lives on the other side of the Butte.

So that's it! Apparently Montmartre is a bit like the center of the Earth, and for us, that’s pretty much it. After all, our heart is only beating for the 18th arrondissement. But what is the concept behind  the Fils de Butte ? It has the merit of being atypical. A brand of local clothing that promotes the identity of Montmartre, but not only! Each piece tells the story of neighborhoods of the North of Paris, through an original collection of T-shirt, all in a sustainable way. At the head of this start-up? Two brothers who took up the challenge of creating a 100% made in France brand. And so far, it’s been quite successful!

One of a kind designs filled with humor, far from the traditional shirts found in tourist areas of Paris. It's different, and that's why we love it so much. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, belts and even socks! There is something for everyone. If you want to claim your “Montmartroise” identity, take a moment to discover Fils de Butte. It will most definitely make an impression!

Fils de Butte is definitely a great idea for a ​​Christmas present! For more information, the ambassadors of the Terrass’' Hotel will be happy to answer all your questions.

Montmartroisement yours,

The Terrass'' Hotel

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