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25 July 2016

5 shops that we fall for in Montmartre:

"The Parisian is not fashionable, she is fashion" Arsene Houssaye.

Shopping in Paris is the favorite activity of Parisian at the forefront of fashion. The French style is a true institution, represented by the creators and the most famous houses. But where to go shopping in Paris? Each borough hides a lot of surprises with many shops. The Terrass' Hotel offers its list of 5 Montmartre favorite shops to go shopping in Paris!


  • The Spree: This gallery is a must shop in Montmartre. Created by a designer (Roberta Oprandi) and a plastic decorative artist (Bruno Hadjadj), this shop is a landmark for any fashionista. In the women's collection, many designers are showcased as Helmut Lang and Isabel Marant. For the furniture side, all French and international trends in years 50-80 are honored. Since 2000, this shop gallery has become a flagship location for all fashion fans who want to go shopping in Paris.

What? Spree

Where ? 16 rue de la Vieuville, 18th arrondissement.

When? Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 to 7:30 p.m. Sunday - 15:00 Monday - 19.00

Contact: +33 (0) 1 42 23 41 40


  • China Machine: This thrift shop located Rue des Martyrs, is an oasis of vintage clothing! It is the smartest of the area and allows to find treasures in its premises. It will attract you with its tidy visual and product quality, carefully selected by the owner Martine. This thrift store will find for you a piece that nobody else will!

What? China machine

Where ? 100 rue des Martyrs, 18th arrondissement.

When? Open daily from 10am to 20pm.


  • Make my D: Famous shop in Montmartre to go shopping in Paris, Make my D specializes in feminine  ready to wear. This shop run with taste and panache also pleased our wallet by offering clothes at affordable prices. The shop offers brand clothes Indi & Cold but also Superdry, River Woods or Naked & Famous.

What? Make my D.

Where ? 7 rue Vieuville, 18th arrondissement.

When? Monday 12: 00h - 19: 30h on Tuesday from 11 am to 19:30 from Wednesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 19:30 and Sunday from 12h to 19h.


  • Emmanuelle Zysman: This jewelery shop is an invitation in time. This young Parisian designer offers jewelry whose inspirations are museums, antique jewelry or those shown in the tables. This jewelery designer creates from scratch, diamond based jewelry, turquoise, coral, but also quartz. More than jewelry, they are works of art.

What? Emmanuelle Zysman

Where ? 81 rue des Martyrs, 18th arrondissement.

When? Monday to Saturday from 11h to 19h.


  • Telle mère, telle fille: This shop specializes in jewelry is the result of a partnership between Catherine (gemologist) and her daughter Marie-Sophie. This store offers fantastic accessories at affordable prices! Here no fuss, the chic is in simplicity, and we love it!

What? Like Mother like daughter.

Where ? 28 rue Yvonne le Tac, 18th arrondissement.