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06 August 2014

Black Cat Cabaret

Immerse yourself in the Parisian atmosphere of the 80s’ through Paris Unplugged which tells the story of the Black Cat Cabaret.

The Cabaret du Chat Noir (Black Cat Cabaret) still remains the most emblematic place in yesteryearMontmartre. The creation of such a place paved the way for many more. Like its name, the place will frequently change.

The story begins in1881 when Rodolphe Salis, a jack of all trades artist, took over an old coaching inn located at 84 boulevard de Rochechouart. This first cramped place was named after a poor little stray cat.

Salis’s Cabaret quickly became successful, thanks to his friend Emile Goudeau who had previously founded the Hydropaths’ Society, a poetry club where people mostly drank absinth …. Salis convinced Goudeau to leave the Quartier Latin for Montmartre. The Hydropaths brought with them more original people in their wake…

The picturesque atmosphere made of cheeky and irreverent humor launched a new trend. At the same time, it became a haven ford villains and pimps and it became highly necessary to change. In 1885, Salis was compelled to find larger premises to host his turbulent customers. He chose the n° 12 of the Laval Street.

The hectic removal took the form of a procession.

The three story high building gives Salis all kind of opportunities: there one could find a party Hall, an oratory and even a Presidential Box. The whole building was decorated by numerous artists with whom Salis had difficult relationships.