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Experience here the real face of Montmartre… We will reveal all our addresses for great restaurants or shopping areas!

03 August 2015


Freshness, softness and just the right amount of pep, this is a winning combination for people with a sweet tooth. You can trust the Terrass’’ Hotel. There is no better address in the 18th arrondissement to taunt the summer heat. In Kozak, we know how to delight the most delicate palate.

An avalanche of flavors will be waiting for you when you push the door of this new ice-cream parlor on the heights of Montmartre. With the pink front window, we already know we’re in for a treat. From crisp to melting delicacies, you won’t even know where to begin with these 18 flavors. 100% artisanal ice cream, but not only!

Top notch detail: the topping! You choose your favorite candy, and here you go! You just made your cone even more delicious! It couldn’t be better, that’s for sure.

To consume without moderation, since in summer everything is allowed!

Open every day from 1pm to 11pm during summer. 106 rue Caulaincourt, Paris 18e Tel : 09 80 73 35 60

Small ice-cream cone : 3,60 €, Big ice-cream cone : 5,70 € , topping : 1€