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16 February 2016

A la mère de famille and its famous palets of Montmartre

A la mère de famille in Paris, it's before all a family history for several centuries already. All started in 1761. After receiving a grocer diploma awarded by the prosecutor of the king, Pierre Jean Bernard, came from province, moved to Paris. And more precisely in Montmartre where he created there his own shop. Then, follows a few calm years of selling products. But it was in 1807, when the granddaughter of the creator, Marie Adelaide Bridault, arrives at the head of the shop, that the House knows its golden age. It is her who will be called later, the famous "Mère de famille". After 250 years of success, the A la mère de famille in Paris is more alive than ever! A succession of different families held one after the others the famous shop. Today, and since 2000, it’s the turn of the Dolfi’s family, Etienne and his four children, Sophie, Jeanne, Jonathan and Steve to continue the tradition of this House. Impressive stuff!

A la mère de famille in Paris, is also a story of glutonny. And its flagship products are the famous palets of Montmartre. According to Steve Dolfi, "these palets are one of our proudest achievements. We love to see the surprise they cause when someone taste them for the first time". It does make you want to taste them? Well, we do! The little charm of these chocolates come from their naturally irregular shape resulting from the manufacturing method.

But A la mère de famille in Paris, there are not just palets. You will find there all your gourmet delights such as all kinds of chocolates, sweets, French and Provençal confectionery, jams, chocolate bars, pastries, breakfasts or the famous cocoa and hazelnut spreads. All to feed your little splurge!

The House knows to surround itself with quality suppliers to offer the best possible products. Therefore, Etienne Dolfi was an exceptional choice to hold the shop. Previously supplier of the shop, he is a passionate  of the confectionery and the chocolate. He knows all of this universe and of the shop. Similarly, he thinks regularly to inform himself of its clients need in order to better meet their needs.

Do not hesitate to let yourself go, the diet will be for later!

A la mère de famille Paris- 35 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris - Phone : 01 47 70 83 69

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