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18 December 2014

Lekker, a dutch Kkoncept store in Montmartre

Lekker is a kkoncept store xhich comes straight from Netherlands, and is nestled near the  Terrass” Hotel inMontmartre at 35 rue des Trois Frères.

You are not dreaming over there all is writen with two K.

Lekker means “pleasant” in Dutch. And it is well describing this little relaxing center, created by two friends Solène and Sophie.

The motto of the  kkoncept is “accessible to all, for every budget for every desires.”

Inside there is everything:

- Fashion with designer pieces

- Art with every 3 months an artist that appropriates the walls. This month it’s Casper Ulvskov

- Antique furniture just for you

- A small restaurant with dishes cooked by their chef Julie Basset

This shop is regularly reinvented as there everything is for sale!

Lekker, an adress to keep succeeded stroll in Montmartre