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14 March 2016

Lila, handmade Headbands

Girls, I think we all agree to say that there is nothing better to dress our hair than the head jewel. Whatever the way it is, it became the flagship and the romantic touch of our style. And among all the kinds of hair jewels, the one that is the most famous and successful is, of course, the headband. It is, for some years from now, THE must have and the head jewels by definition. You will see this little accessory on many woman‘s head.

So we launched our investigation to find a good place to buy headbands in Montmartre and we finally found the gem of the hood : Lila’s shop. This shop full of treasures and wonders is held by a charming young lady named Aude. Passionate of the creation of jewelry, she decided to live of her expertise by opening her own shop in Montmartre. Specialized in "the Essential and the Accessory", she realizes hair jewels, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Lila’s shop is a real story! Child, Aude likes to create from her hands. And it was during a trip in Brazil that decides her great professional project. Consequently, she buys some stones and made jewelry from them. This is when she is back in France that the young woman begins to sell her creations. After the selling of her jewelry in some exhibitions or shops, she opened her own shop in 2013 and it’s a huge success!

To buy a headband at Lila’s, it’s wearing unique pieces. It’s also to be able to benefit of the biggest choice of headband in Paris. Between  some more traditional products or those more original and some colored products or those less colorful, lots of pieces are available. In addition, you can buy a French headband, and that's, it’s increasingly rare in our time. They are all designed and made in France by Aude. Chapeau!

The bonus? All jewelry come with a gift wrapping. This can be useful for those who are not really gifted with their hands... Similarly, you can benefits of some advices and hair cut demonstrations.

The anecdote of the shop? Lila was referenced by Les Reines du Shopping and thus advised by Cristina Cordula herself!

The headbands of Lila’s, we, we love them, but the hardest part is to choose one! As regards us, we felt for the black Constance... And you, what will be your favorite one?

Buy a headband - LILA - 83 rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris – Phone : 09 83 85 71 04

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