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11 May 2016

Some « made in Italia » in the heart of Montmartre

"La vita è così bella in Italia !" Oh yes, life is so beautiful in Italy. Because Italy, it’s the good weather, the pizzas and the pastas, this is romantic, beautiful and full of history. Italy it’s also the fashion and the good taste. It's a whole of incredible creators and full of talent designers. So when you propose to us to go in an Italian shop in Montmartre, we immediately say yes! Let's enjoy a real trip to Italy while staying in Paris!

Let’s go to discover this boutique concept store "Venise sur Seine" and its creator Cécilia, Parisian by adoption but Venetian by birth. In her Italian shop, she wanted to highlight her beautiful Italy by offering the exposure of Italian designer products, and especially Venetian. Known as "the original little shop of the 18th arrondissement" in the neighborhood, this Italian shop of the butte is before everything open-minded. Not only specialized in products made in Italia, it also welcomes and offers for sale products made by Montmartre designers.

It is in this Italian shop that you will unearth in exclusivity for all France, amazing and original products. Jewelry, socks, bags and trinkets, in every forms and made by all materials, the shop is a real little treasure! A small selection of products chosen with care and attention by Cecilia herself, in a limited edition for all, for home and for all wallets. We could even speak about artworks.

Jewelers, designers, artists. All are welcomed in this special Italian address that hosts Italian houses since few years. Before being "Venise sur Seine", this address housed a small Italian grocery called "La Maison de la Toscane ". And before that, it was a pizzeria that stood here. It is not a coincidence !

Follow us and climb aboard our gondola to let us bring to the 18th arrondissement. Ciao guys!

Venise sur Seine - 110 bis rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris - 06 18 60 37 33

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 1.30pm and from 3pm to 7.30pm

© Venise sur Seine