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13 January 2017

Valentine's Day Diner

February, the 14th. We all know what this date means. I apologize to single people but this article is dedicated to couples.
We all would like to spend a dream night for Valentine's Day. One of these dates like in the romantic movies. But what to do? For me, a diner in a restaurant seems a good idea for Valentine's Day, don’t you think?
But which restaurant? Indeed, there are hundreds of restaurants all more different and good as each other. But this year for Valentine's Day, you have to mark the occasion. This year make something really special!

In the Terrass'' Restaurant, the head chef made his best to concoct one of the most gourmet menu, a menu to put the mouth water. Check it out immediately.

To start, just to whet our appetites, an Appetizer will be offered: Lobster Salpicon & Mango

To follow, a very French traditional Entrance will enter: Langoustines in Kadaïf, Espuma of Avocado. To delight the most gourmet of you.

It’s after this that the Main Course will amaze you with its finesse and delicate taste: Veal Fillet, Almond Milk.

A meal without Cheese is not French. This is why the chef offers as cheese: Fresh Goat’s Cheese and Sesame oil.

Following the cheese, the Prédessert. It will ravish your taste buds with the Chef's Delight.

Then comes Dessert. What you are expecting from the beginning of dinner. It will be a Velvet Ingo, Creamy Caramel-Strawberry.

You may think that it's over? Well, it’s not! Some Mignardises are offered to finish the Valentine's Day dinner in style. And these Mignardises will be the Selection from our Pastry Chef, attention to taste buds!

What do you think? You’re dying of impatience to be that special February, the14th? Well, so do I!

Hoping the Terrass'' Restaurant will host many love declarations... Do not wait and come celebrate the feast of love with Terrass'' Restaurant!

You can book with Marie Jamet by calling the +33 1 44 92 34 14 or by writing an email to this following address: [email protected]
Price: 150 € per person without drinks.
Reservation for only 2 persons. No reservation after 9pm. Reservation confirmed only after payment of the deposit 100%. Free cancellation up to D-5.

Valentine’s Day Dinner - Terrass'' Restaurant, 12-14 rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 PARIS - Phone: +33 1 46 06 72 85 - Mail: [email protected]