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Experience here the real face of Montmartre… We will reveal all our addresses for great restaurants or shopping areas!

21 November 2014

Where Tatse Beaujolais nouveau in Montmartre

Beaujolais Nouveau- A French art, is the slogan 2014.

What is Beaujolais Nouveau exactly?

The arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau is celebrated for many years in many countries around the world.

The third Thursday of November marks the launch of the marketing of this wine.

This year Beaujolais Nouveau is celebrated the November 20th … So today!

Therefore the Terrass’Hotel  decide for this occasion to unveil its selection of his favorite wine bars ofMontmartre.

The Vingt heure vin, is located at the 15 rue Joseph de Maistre in front of our hotel so  you could follow the progress of works It is at 43 rue des Abbesses is that The Trou dans le mur, the wine bar of the old sign La cave des abbesses that prones wines  properties The Colibri at the 35 rue Veron, we also recommend it for its good food The 16th of the street whose name it bears The Tholozé, invites you to enjoy a drink in a family atmosphere The Comptoir des chineurs, 8 rue Durantin recommended for its delicious plates of charcuterie and cheeses All these wine bars are in the 18th district and correspond to the mind of  The Terrass’Hotel. Come discover it yourself and celebrate this traditional French party!