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Artists soul

What happens in Montmartre for the artists? You will know everything in this section

07 July 2015


Rumor has it the Terrass’’ Hotel just got a makeover… and we can’t deny it anymore. The rumor was right! For those of you who are dying to see the new face of the hotel, Terrass’’ Unplugged is about to make your wish come true! But beware. You need to have an artist’s heart to step into such an iconic place. Follow us, the tour is about to begin in just a few seconds…

3-2-1 Take one!

Between the Parisian elegance and a more modern look, the Jérôme Verzegnassi studio managed to find the perfect balance between the two while redesigning the interior of the hotel. From the classic room to the Executive Eiffel room, guests will have the opportunity to travel between two fascinating eras. A moving historical legacy that makes the hotel proud and a contemporary design that you can’t miss when you enter the lobby. A delicious contradiction. In fact, the Terrass’’ Hotel not only wants you to have a typical Parisian experience. Its goal is also for you to feel like real stars of Montmartre!

92 rooms have been renovated to make that ambitious vision a reality. As soon as we push the door to our room open, we can only breathe in the authentic dressing room feel of it. Behind all the poppy and electric colors, you’ll notice the “Eiffel” glass wall that separates the bathroom from the rest of the room. The spotlights around the mirror have been put there just for you, because it’s no secret a star deserves what’s best to feel beautiful. And if you ever want to enjoy the view after powdering your nose, about twenty rooms have a balcony for that very purpose. From the Sacré Coeur to the Invalides, you won’t have a reason to act like a diva and ask for more. The Parisian dream will be right in front of you!

But the Terrass’’ Hotel doesn’t only make you feel like you have a lucky star. It also makes you believe you can reach them! Let’s go to the 7th floor.  You will have the chance to enjoy a great meal in the bar-restaurant, while having the most breathtaking panoramic view you could ever dream of. It’s even better when you think it was conceived like an artist loft! And if you’re the luckiest star of all, you might even stay in the 538 sq.ft Penthouse Terrass on the 8th floor. It will be your turn to be on top of the world. There’s no doubt anymore, theTerrass Hotel is a must-see for your next stay in Paris!

And… cut ! Don’t be sad. For the Terrass’’ Hotel, if you’re a star one day, you’ll always be one!


Address: 12-14 rue Joseph de Maistre 75018 Paris 12