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29 December 2017

Marie Courroy X Terrass'' Hôtel

The French fashionista Marie Courroy visited us at the Terrass'' Hôtel, where she had the opportunity to test our rooftop lunch and our spa Nuxe! We took our chance to ask her some questions ;)

Hello Marie, can I let you introduce yourself?

I founded my own brand, Modetrotter, for 18 months. I sell it exclusively on the website of the brand and in our showroom at 28 bis rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris :) These are sharp selections of clothes, whose four annual collections each evoke a different destination.

If you had to describe Paris in 3 words?

Wonderful - Romantic - Unique!

A memory or anecdote in a hotel?

Once, I was in Los Angeles, alone for work, in a wonderful hotel, very 50's (Marylin herself has slept there several times!). On the 1st morning, in total jet lag, a sublime man - whose blue eyes were reflected in the pool - spoke to me in French to ask me what I wanted for breakfast. His face was familiar to me, but I could not remember who it was. In fact, I had already met him quickly ... 10 years ago. Son of a very famous father, he had come to build a life in Los Angeles, without the paternal shadow. Thanks to this hotel, I lived a Californian experience with my eyes full of stars.

Your fashion and decoration good addresses in Montmartre?

Two addresses that are worth seeing :
> "Lekker Kkoncept Store", located at the 35, rue des Trois Frères.
> The beauty boutique "Oh My Cream!" at the 4, rue des Abbesses. 

The most beautiful rooftop to chill?

All the Soho's House !!!



Interviewed in December 2017.


©Marine Thiery.