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What happens in Montmartre for the artists? You will know everything in this section

23 January 2018

Pascal Elbé X Terrass'' Hotel

We invited the French actors Pascal Elbé to relax one night in our penthouse, but also to discover the cuisine of our chef Eric Lurthy while dining in our panoramic restaurant, overlooking all of Paris. The perfect opportunity to ask him our usual questions, for the Terrass" Hotel blog !

Paris in 3 words? 

Stunning, unpredictable, capricious.

If Montmartre was a movie ? A character ?

If it was a film, it would be "La Traversée de Paris" French-Italian film by Claude Autant-Lara.
And if it was a character, "Antoine Doinel" central character whose childhood we follow in the film of French director François Truffaut, "Les Quatre Cents Coups".

A memory or anecdote in a hotel?

I was in India, in Goa. One day, when I returned to my room, I was astonished to find sitting on my bed a surprise guest: a baboon who was quietly eating my fruit platter! I waited for him to finish, to signify that he was probably wrong room :)

The most beautiful rooftop to chill?

I would say "The Standard High Line" in New York's City Meatpacking District. Probably the most beautiful sunset in the city!


Thanks Pascal! 


Interviewed in January 2018. 


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