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What happens in Montmartre for the artists? You will know everything in this section

24 July 2017

Pavements and poetry

Montmartre, the neighborhood of the Terrass '' Hotel, is undeniably the place for artists of all kinds. In every street, every corner, by paying attention you will see a painting on a wall, flowers in unusual places, or hear music in the distance ...

In his own way, everyone participates in making Montmartre live, and helps to keep his spirit romantic and exotic. This is the case of Achbé, a neighborhood artist who has been enjoying tagging the pavements of the 18th arrondissement for a few months with chalk, writing poetic or committed phrases. The example with the latest, paying homage to the very famous Simone Weil, gone a few weeks ago:

"Simone s'éteint, les femmes restent en Veil"

"Simone goes out, women stay in Veil" (pun, meaning women stay on watch)

Relayed by passers on Instagram, the photo was immediately shared thousands of times on social networks. But behind this discreet praise the former minister Simone Veil, hides Claudie Baudry, aka "Achbé", a Parisian of 52, resident of Montmartre. Her story is not trivial, but not out-of-common, since her wanderings across the district to leave her mark began, by chance, when she found white chalk belonging to her children. She has not stopped since, taking a cunning pleasure to comment on what surrounds her, in a poetic, funny, committed way, sometimes inspired by the actuality, and always a wink in memory of her husband, the artist Hervé Baudry, whom she lost a year ago.

Some of her letters:

"Let go of social networks, embrace you"
"Man is a wolf for the animal"
"I'm nothing and it's already a lot of work"

Let us wish her good luck, hoping to see more of her messages in the streets of our dear neighborhood!


Her Instagram : @marueparachbe

Source :- BFM TV