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03 February 2016

The Romantic Life Museum? Nice for Valentine's Day

What are we going to do for Valentine's Day? Every year, it's the same story among lovers at the February 14th. This year, this special day is even on a Sunday and you must find something to occupy your lover throughout the day. Of course, in the evening, it can be easy. An intimate and romantic dinner will be fine. But in the afternoon, it’s more complicated! And you want something that changes from walks along the banks of the Seine or a visit in a Bateau-Mouche, something original... Need some help with ideas for Valentine's Day? Do not worry anymore, the Terrass'’ Hotel is here for you!

Also in the romantic and love theme, what we offer to you, it’s the discovery of the Romantic Life Museum. Here is a nice idea for your Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? What could be more romantic than a museum about the romance itself?

Opened in 1983, this museum is dedicated to the artistic and literary life of the first half of the nineteenth century. Built in a charming building that was owned by Ary Scheffer, it was sold to the French State in 1956. But who is this Ary Scheffer? He was the drawing teacher of the Duke of Orleans’ children since 1822.

On the ground floor, you can visit rooms such as the antechamber, the jewelry cabinet, the Georges Sand lounge and the little blue salon. Direction upstairs. Up there, you will find the romantic portraits room, the Orleans’ room, the Ary Scheffer’s cabinet and finally the Renan’s room. He was also a representative of romantic art. All parts of this museum are now filled with history. You'll even have the honor of walking where the artistic and literary elite walked. They are people such as George Sand, Chopin, Delacroix or Rossini who were welcomed there.

The museum offers various activities during your visits. You can participate in conferences visits to the museum's exhibits. In addition, you can attend workshops, such as the drawing workshop, as well as conferences or workshops tale. At the program on February 14th, it will be drawing workshop! What a good idea for Valentine’s Day! Immerse yourself to release your artistic mind.

Right now, the museum presents an exhibition until February 28th: Face fear exhibition, "Violence and fantastic" by Christian Delacroix. It shows the malaise experienced by the French during a political, economic, social and cultural troubled time.

For a bucolic break during your romantic visit day, you can stop at the tea room located in the garden. In a haven of peace, you can enjoy a lunch menu at 14.90€ and a snack at 5.70€.

Valentine's Day Ideas - Musée de la Vie Romantique - Hôtel Scheffer Renan, 16 rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris - Phone : 01 55 31 95 67