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The key of Montmartre

The best thrift shop of Paris !

Line-Up, the new kid

We start with the new one, who have his pop-up store at the Citadium St Lazare. Line-Up offers vintage sportswear items. A selection that is timely, since, in case you have not noticed, sportswear invades our wardrobes. The prices follow in consequence, but remain reasonable for the quality. At the moment Line Up is only on Instagram, but with a personal delivery. We are waiting for the opening of the shop with impatience.

Vintage Place, the e-shop

Vintage Place is an online gem where you can find a selection of quality and variety with low prices. Impossible not to find happiness. Special mention to their items of the 90s and their accessories.

The Pretty Garde Robe

She is aptly named. The place is pretty. The choice is wide. The pieces are selected with the greatest attention. We always find what we are looking for. Especially the accessories. Prices are quite high for a thrift shop. But clearly justified, especially for designer pieces.
The address : 15 rue Commines - 75003 Paris


The storefront has kept the sign of "hairdresser" and it's rather funny but that does not prevent to have made this place a den of the second-hand clothes. Many come to hurry in the small shop. As the name suggests, there are vintage pieces, which are renewed regularly. Price side, they oscillate between 10 and 40 euros.
The address : 32 Rue des Rosiers - 75004 Paris

Kilo Shop

Here payment is by weight! Choose your items, place them on the scale and the total weight determines the amount of your purchases. Nice and economical. There are fur coats, vintage jeans and gavroches.
The address : 125 Saint-Germain Boulevard - 75006 Paris

Style, Rag and Dizziness

The Rag and Vertiges thrift shops stand together and offer for one, clothes and a bunch of vintage boots and for the other, fewer boots but more Dr. Martens. Both must attract your curiosity. New arrivals every week! He says to Rag & Vertiges that they are the favorite thrift shops of the stylists. You will find sweaters, dresses or luxury handbags at unique prices. Vintage lingerie and dresses of the 80s will also make you crack. For the price, there is everything: from 5€ up to 400€ for a brand article and leather boots for 30€ !
The address : 83 (Rag) 85 (Vertiges) rue Saint Martin - 75004 Paris


An interesting mix. A "hybrid" thrift shop that mixes new occasions and clothes. Well, the new is not very interesting and it is for the dresses of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s that you will come. You will surely leave with marinières, vintage trench coats or even leather jackets, because we find everything that comes back to fashion. The shop is spacious and the vendors are cool! Victim of its success, this thrifty practice prices slightly more expensive than its counterparts.
The address : 64 rue Tiquetonne - 75002 Paris