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The Terrass’’ Hotel gives you 1001 ways of discovering and enjoying Montmartre.

25 June 2014

3 Romantic Things to do in Montmartre

You are coming to Paris with your beloved, and indeed, what would be better than the capital of love for a romantic journey? And even better, what would you say about living your romance in the heart of Montmartre? A bucolic dinner We suggest you start by dining at the restaurant “La Maison Rose”, at 2 rue de l’Abrevoir. On a summer evening, settle on the small terrace lit by candles, hidden in one of the steep streets of Montmartre. Feeling cold? The interior, tinged with melancholia, shall be your romantic and poetic cocoon!

  A poetic walk Once dinner is finished, wander, hand in hand, in the alleyways of Montmartre, treat yourself an ice-cream on “Place du Tertre” and take refuge with your loved one in the “Parc de la Turlure” , behind the Sacré Coeur, to love each other away from the prying eyes. There, on a stone bench, under the fig leaf arbour, your heart will start beating wildly!

  A romantic “Je t’aime” You could even go further, and say to each other “je t’aime” (in all languages since you’ll have seen the “je t’aime Wall” on Place des Abbesses) in front of the Sacré Coeur, Paris right under your feet. Because “loving is not looking at one an other, it’s looking together in the same direction”. Montmartre is so romantic!