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06 April 2016

The 5 mythical places of Montmartre

Ah Montmartre! 10 letters that marvel and make the travelers of all the world dream about. More than a neighbourhood, it's a real village, a haven of peace who guards his sweet Paris.

The neighbourhood of Montmartre in Paris is a must see, almost mythical. Its cobbled little streets are full of secret gardens and history and arouses the curiosity of tourists (often lovers of this area) came from around the world. We are easily charmed by its stairs, its artisans, its shops.

1 - The Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur

What would be Montmartre without its white basilica? Obviously, the Sacré-Cœur is a mythical place of Montmartre in Paris. As a magnificent monument as an impressive one, which appears as a paradise after climbing the 237 steps to reach it. Overlooking the city of Paris, it certainly offers one of the most beautiful view on the Parisan rooftops. A nice reward after the effort!

2 - Place du Tertre

We couldn’t talk about Montmartre without thinking about the Place du Tertre and its painters. This beautiful place is for years the daily rendez-vous of artists of Montmartre in Paris. Yes it is ! It is also a historic site because it formerly housed the town hall of the 18th district of Paris. It said that it’s here that would be born the word "Quick! " that we use nowadays. This would come from the hurry Russian soldiers that were shouting to the waitresses to bring them faster a drink, before joining their ranks. Nowadays, it is the painters and the caricaturists who stormed the square to make an open workshop.

3 - Le Café des Deux Moulins

In third place, we find the Café des Deux Moulins. That name mean anything to you? It's normal. It was the setting of the movie "Amélie Poulin" by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Yes, we told you that we received artists in Montmartre! This coffee has become very famous and also very popular after the film's release. Impossible to pass by rue Lepic without going there for a coffee or a beer. Suching living a little part of the life of Amélie.

4 - The Passe Muraille by Jean Marais

At the end of the avenue Junot and the beginning of the rue Norvins, the place Marcel Aymé is famous for its sculpture named Passe-Muraille in homage to his famous story. An original and unusual work made by the actor Jean Marais and inaugurated in 1989. The Passe Muraille shows a man through the wall. This impressive sculpture refers to the character of Dutilleul, a modest office worker who discovers a night that he has the power to walk through walls. After using it for love and money, he will finaly lose his gift and will be stuck inside a wall in rue Norvins.

5 - The Moulin Rouge

At the bottom of the hill, on the Avenue Blanche, the flaming letters of the Moulin Rouge make vibrate every evening the tourists curious to discover the fantastic atmosphere of this touristic place of Montmartre in Paris. This is certainly the most famous cabaret in the world. The scene has received the greatest artists and continues to inspire many artists. A magnificent room lined with velvet and which has preserved its Belle Epoque decor and its burlesques frescoes. The Moulin Rouge, we dine, we marvel, we have fun. Between friends or lovers.
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