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25 February 2012

I love you wall in Montmartre

Having collected the phrase « I love you » in over three hundred languages, the artist Frédéric Baron, wanted to display these messages of love on a wall. The “I love you” wall stands at the centre of the Jehan Rictus garden, near to place des Abbesses at Montmartre, and covers a surface area of 40 m² with a total of 511 squares in enamelled lava… The phrase, “I love you”, the sweetest and most romantic of expressions, features 311 times. Here are a few extracts: «nian’-ni-né-sné-i-kou-nou» (India), «sé-rèt-lèk» (Hungary), «daï-sou-ki» (Japan), «ti amo» (Italy), «veille-el-skar-deille» (Norway), «èk-èt -you- lif» (South Africa). 

Together, Frédéric BARON and Claire KITO have, (thanks to a competition organised by two private patrons, Olivier PELAT and Daniel BOULOGNE and the support of French poet Jean-Claude de FEUGAS), given a 40m² monument made of enamelled lava with 311 « je t’aime » ["I love you"]inscriptions, in 250 languages, to Paris , ‘City of Light’ and capital of romance.

THE I LOVE YOU WALL is built out of 511 21×29.7 cm tiles. The size of the blocks of lava recall the sheets on which Frédéric BARON collected the written text. The bursts of colour on the fresco represent the pieces of a broken heart, the heart of a humanity so often torn apart and which the I LOVE YOU WALL tries to gather together. Address: Square des Abbesses – near the Terrass Hotel and the restaurant Le Diapason