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Urban village

The Terrass’’ Hotel gives you 1001 ways of discovering and enjoying Montmartre.

12 August 2015


What if we enjoyed the summer air this weekend in Montmartre? The Terrass’ Unplugged has prepared an itinerary for the strangest stroll in the sun. Follow us. A lot of surprises are waiting for you!

Our meeting point is rue de Norvins, Place Marcel Ayme. You will meet the Passe-Muraille of Montmartre, a character immortalized by the sculptor Jean Marais in 1989. Its particularity? His ability to pass through walls. At least … before he found himself stuck for eternity!

Let’s go to the cemetery of Montmartre, a few steps from the Terrass’ Hotel. Many legends are resting in peace in this place, spreading in the air a sense of nostalgia and emotion. Michel Berger, Dalida, Stendhal, and Emile Zola, to name only a few. What is sure is that the souls of these artists surround and inspire us. 20 Avenue Rachel

It’s time for “The rock of the witch”. Ever heard of it? It used to be an old fountain, but that’s not all there is to it. A woman was living just a few steps from that rock more than a century ago. Lonely and frightening, she was nicknamed the “witch” by the children of the neighborhood. Don’t be afraid though. This is only a stone after all. 21 avenue Junot

Have you ever seen the bronze bust of Dalida in Montmartre? If the sculptor Aslan wanted to honor her in the neighborhood that artist loved so much, his statue is now linked to a rather surprising tradition. Touching the bust apparently brings fertility. At least that’s what the rumor says. Place Dalida

What would you say about ending our little stroll with a romantic touch after all these oddities? The “I love you” wall is the perfect place to declare your love in several languages to the person you have feelings for. A little bit of poetry is always good in this world. Square Jehan Rictus, Place des Abbesses

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