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The Terrass’’ Hotel gives you 1001 ways of discovering and enjoying Montmartre.

07 January 2016

What to do at night in Montmartre?

Perched on its hill, Montmartre hides many mysteries and beauty. This quarter is defined as a very touristic and very agreeable quarter, thanks to the Sacré-Coeur, its alleys where you can stroll or its bars and restaurants always full of people. This is the point of appointment of bohemians lifestyle. But Montmartre is also known by everybody to be THE perfect Parisian quarter, the quarter always in motion, day and night. So what can we find the night in Montmartre?

The Terrass’' Hotel has found for you some ideas and fun activities to do at night in Montmartre:

  • Night Walks: You’re gonna tell me, "this is the same as day, this is useless". Well, believe me, it’s not! In addition, to not be bothered by the hundreds of tourists who ask you every 2 minutes where is the Sacré-Coeur, these night walks will allow you to admire the charming streets of Montmartre quarter and the gorgeous views by night, in height, that this quarter offers. And I do not tell you how much this is nice to admire Montmartre by night.


  • Chez Michou: If you would like to attend to a cabaret, Chez Michou will offer you one of the most original show of Montmartre and Paris. Run by the "last dinosaur of the Parisian night," Michou and its transformists will make you spend a night full of follies - 80 rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris.


  • Le Sacré-Coeur: You will be able to enjoy the wonderful curves and sculptures of this historical monument and so famous worldwide. You will be able to enjoy stunning views but quite different from the one during the day. Anyway, the Sacré-Coeur has to be admired again and again, we must not lose any opportunity! - 5 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris.


  • Le Soleil de la Butte: You, who love going out until the end of the night, we found for you one of those bars that do not put you out at 2am. As well as you can fully enjoy the night in Montmartre. With a very different musical style according to the DJ which come over on weekends, you will appreciate the very festive atmosphere. Plus, the week, you can attend to musicians and theatre troupes performances. You can even have lunch there if the mood takes you - 32 Rue Muller 75018 Paris

For now, you can fully enjoy, even at night, your stay in Montmartre! Hope you will enjoy your time in this Parisian neighborhood, at night.

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