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21 August 2015


“You set spinning by your name all the windmills of my heart…” This is a song that we could dedicate to Montmartre, an area that has the power to surprise us more and more. And yes, it is indeed about the windmills the Terrass’ Unplugged will talk to you about.

We all know the famous Moulin Rouge in the 18th arrondissement, but did you know it’s not the only one out there? And it goes a long way back, to the time of craftsmen and millers. If you had the power to explore the past, just long enough to go for a stroll through the vineyards of the hill of Montmartre in 1740, you would actually count 12 of them. The Wine Mill, the Pepper Mill, or even the Paradise Mill, to name only a few. Many of them have been destroyed over the years, but two windmills are still active today. They are called the Radet and the Blute-Fin, two properties of the Debray family, which at the time was selling their milk and rye bread to people who were walking by.

Built in 1622, the Blute-Fin, formerly known as the Old Mill, can now be seen from the Rue Lepic for the most curious of you. You should as well go take a look at it when you know you could have easily missed it, especially for the Radet. Renamed Moulin de la Galette in 1895, it was actually saved from demolition by the “Friends of Old Montmartre” association in 1915. It was built in 1717, and if t was once used for wheat grinding, it was also turned into a “guinguette” every Sunday to honor Mr. Debray’s passion for dancing. You can see it at the corner of Rue Lepic and Girardon.

The Terrass” Hotel highly recommends this little escapade through time!

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