The rooftop bar

EVERY DAY | 3:30PM-00:30am from Tuesday to Saturday | 3:30PM-11:30pm on Mondays & Sundays


Nestled on the 7th floor of the hotel, our rooftop is a small bubble in the heart of Montmartre ... We meet there with friends for an aperitif, we sip one of our signature cocktails of the moment and we enjoy the view over all of Paris ...


Without reservation.




Every afternoon, have a gourmet break: enjoy a delicious tea time snack with a breathtaking view of Paris from our rooftop!

2 pastries of your choice from our selection + 1 hot beverage               25 €

1 pastry                                                                                                             12 €



Actually on the rooftop: an altitude refuge like in the mountain

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.
Net price in euros including tax according to the provisions regulated by decree n°2002-1467 dated 17 December 2002.